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Seth fried jokes about a speech delivered with hope and determination by the valedictorian of trump university's class of 2009. Valedictorian speech by elizabeth teh good afternoon • our guest of honour, mr krishnan rajagopalan, head of technology digital life group, singtel • mr boo kheng hua, principal and ceo of temasek polytechnic • members, temasek polytechnic board of governors • members of the school of. Jimmy kimmel let the valedictorian whose mic was cut off give his full speech on jimmy kimmel live. Kaitlyn kasha, valedictorian speech good evening staff and faculty, parents, relatives and of course, my fellow graduates i am so honoured to be speaking for you this evening today we passed through the old wooden doors of the merlis belsher heritage centre for the last time as students of luther college high school. A high school valedictorian forced to leave the stage after chastising school officials during his speech was able to finish his diatribe on national tv pet.

This is a better quality video of the 2008 moberly valedictorian james tayon giving his speech great speech. When peter butera got up to begin his valedictorian speech at his high school graduation ceremony in exeter, pa, on friday, he probably never dreamed he'd be finishing it on jimmy kimmel live us news summaries | newser. Peter butera, the pennsylvania high school valedictorian who had his microphone cut off when his graduation speech turned critical of school administrators, finally got a chance to finish his thoughts the 18-year-old, villanova-bound student made an appearance on jimmy kimmel live tuesday via skype.

Speeches by our past valedictorians the following speeches can help you to understand the humanities 101 experience as well as the program's benefits: 2017 lauri bertha 2016 shelley 2015 jackie jeff virginia 2014 elaine john raylah 2013 peter lindsay 2012 christine dan ron 2011. But peter didn't just go off the script, rather, the valedictorian used his speech as a literal and figurative platform for potential change to be paved for current and future students at the wyoming area secondary center, as reported by the daily dot after opening with the initial remarks he planned, peter. Larissa martinez, a texas student graduating with valedictorian honors from mckinney boyd high school, made sure to give a speech that would not be forgotten easily in her speech she proclaimed that she was an undocumented immigrant she stated i am one of the 11 million undocumented. Lucas ciaccio, spencer dai, justin sadownick and natalia savkovic shared their masuk experiences with their peers and their perspectives on time the following is their speech: “good evening ladies and gentlemen, i am justin sadownick, i am lucas ciaccio, i am natalia savkovic, i am spencer dai and.

2017 commencement valedictorian speech from broadcast staff 10 months ago 0 likes 0 733 views 733 related media thumbnail for entry 2017 hooding ceremony 205 | 01:47:50 2017 hooding ceremony 2017 hooding ceremony from broadcast staff 10 months ago thumbnail for entry 2017. Jimmy kimmel skyped high school valedictorian peter butera on live tuesday butera gained national attention when his graduation speech was cut short administrators didn't let him finish his remarks which were critical of the school kimmel joked butera's remarks were the equivalent of a 2-star yelp.

Valdictorian speech

valdictorian speech Larissa martinez, valedictorian at mckinney boyd high school, kept her background a secret until she took the stage at graduation june 3 (video: mckinney is.

It's an honor and a privilege to be here speaking today, and i am humbled by the overwhelming amount of support shown i would like to publicly thank god for the peace that he has given me over the past few years, and would like to thank the vmi community—friends and families from all over—for all of.

  • Exeter — one local graduate's valedictorian speech is grabbing some national attention peter butera donned his green and gold for one final time last friday, preparing to address his class and leave them with his final thoughts as their valedictorian, butera prepared a speech he hoped would garner.
  • Virginia nikkelschool: dw poppy (langley)redhawks teams: basketball, soccer, rugby, cross-countryfreshman's future: trinity westernher speech, delivered june 21 at chandos pattison auditorium in surrey :hi everyone i'd like to take a moment to again welcome our parents, family,.

My fellow graduates, students, faculty, family, and others, today i have been charged with speaking to you briefly on this bittersweet occasion i say this because though it may be a tad bitter to our families and some of the staff here, it is very sweet for those of us graduating i may speak for at least some of. Wyoming area valedictorian peter butera (streamable) said serino, the speech was changed as it was being given for his part, butera is happy with the outcome, not counting the fact that video of his summarily shortened speech has gone viral, racking up thousands of views since he tried delivering at. The board of trustees, president levao, faculty, staff, honored guests, family, friends and most importantly, the class of 2016, good morning i am truly humbled and honored to be your valedictorian and to speak on behalf of my fellow graduating students my name is portia chimbirai i am an international. Jimmy kimmel gave high school valedictorian peter butera the chance to finish his graduation speech after he was cut off by administration.

valdictorian speech Larissa martinez, valedictorian at mckinney boyd high school, kept her background a secret until she took the stage at graduation june 3 (video: mckinney is. valdictorian speech Larissa martinez, valedictorian at mckinney boyd high school, kept her background a secret until she took the stage at graduation june 3 (video: mckinney is.
Valdictorian speech
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