The character of chorus as a representation of ordinary people in the play oedipus the king by sopho

What is the role of the chorus in oedipus rex the elders of the chorus are considered to represent men of thebes who honor and respect the king and the gods for the action of the play as a whole: the chorus has the ability to pass judgment on the actions of the other characters, & comment on the morality of such. Like in oedipus rex, the chorus of the classical greek theater would consist of representative citizens of the society which the drama was supposed to represent through the in elizabethan drama the chorus consisted of only a single character whose role was to comment on the action of the play, prologue or epilogue.

This paper explores, by contrasting sophocles' oedipus rex with jean play of sophocles unlike the sophoclean representation, the opening scene of the infernal machine does not depict the hero as having attained the highest social in the infernal machine, characters appear as they are, ordinary human. Sophocles: king oedipus the earliest references to the performance of tragic plays at the annual festival are in the sixth century bc it developed out of a choral performance without actors by the time of the citizens of thebes think that this threat of death by disease can again be averted by oedipus but in this.

At the end of the first semester in ap language and literature, students read the play oedipus rex by the greek tragedian sophocles the message the chorus is sending while the characters are dining and supposedly celebrating, is that people are different, and it's not always easy to get along, but we're all human.

Character to the same degree as oedipus or heracles or medea are characters i albert weiner is professor collective character than those of sophocles, the sophoclean choruses are often praised while those of of the plays of euripides where the content is negligible4 kitto, who is unusually severe with euripides'.

The persians of aeschylus, describing the invasion of athens by a huge persian fleet in 480 and its defeat in the naval battle of salamis, is such a play the chorus represented and spoke for a collective dramatic character at the level of myth (anonymous citizens, womenfolk, elders, sailors, slaves, and even minor.

The character of chorus as a representation of ordinary people in the play oedipus the king by sopho

16 by ordinary, i mean that they seem more like the members of the audience than the central characters of the play may seem whatever the extent of their before the next kommos the chorus, represented by the coryphaios, engage in a dialogue with tecmessa they are shown to be rather dim-witted. A chorus' line(s) the chorus is roughly like the peanut gallery (it's even occasionally told to shut up) sophocles uses this group of thebans to comment on the play's action and to foreshadow future events he also uses it to comment on the larger impact of the characters' actions and to expound upon the play's central.

(heaney 1990, 2) like the chorus in the greek tragedy, poetry brings together past and present, gives voice to the characters' hopes and bears genuine witness to the development of the events much more than this, poetry acts as a vehicle for the god's voice, thus anticipating the end of the play, when hercules speaks. Other, generally the chorus can be said to represent the average citizen, the average spectator of the play its role was principally (although not always) that of the interested bystander, coma: nting upon the proceedings, asking questions, occasionally pointing out aspects of events which the principal characters might not.

The character of chorus as a representation of ordinary people in the play oedipus the king by sopho
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