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Arjun kapoor is all set for yet another on screen adaptation of a popular chetan bhagat novel 'revolution 2020' the actor has been signed to play one of the leads in this love triangle which was written by this popular novelist in 2011 after he tasted stupendous success with two bollywood films in 2014. A breezy easy read with a strong moral message i read revolution 2020 this morning in one sitting in my opinion it is chetan bhagat's best book the story is narrated in a simple yet breezy prose style which makes this book a delightful read unlike in some of his earlier works where the characters. I have read all other novels of chetan bhagat (except one night at call center i couldn't finish iteven though i tried many times i liked five point someone, two states and 3 mistake of my life was ok, but revolution 2020 is total failurei will not recommend anybody a good novelist writes a novel based on. Revolution 2020, something i have lived with for the last two years, is finally going to be out there in the world on october 8th 2011 countless opinions shall almost anywhere in india i travelled, i found a new set of readers for my books, who had picked them up after watching 3 idiots in 2009, i started. 2 days ago chetan bhagat says the idea of his latest work 'revolution 2020' emerged because of the rampant corruption in the education sector which affects millions of youth. Revolution 2020(love, corruption and ambition) is a story about 3 friends set in the backdrop of holy city of varanasi gopal (protagonist), and raghav are two good friends in school and arti is the female lead with whom both the guys fall in love as they grow, they observe corruption prevail everywhere. Revolution 2020 is bookended with a prologue and an epilogue in which chetan bhagat speaks with gopal mishra, the young director of gangatech college -- a typical set-up for a bhagat novel, framing the main story itself, gopal's story sub-titled love corruption ambition, it revolves around a trio of. The novel is set in varanasi chetan bhagat initiates the story through the central character of gopal it is through gopal's narration of his life to the author that we are introduced to raghav and aarti the story revolves around these three characters while gopal comes from a poor family, raghav comes from a well-off family.

Ambition - buy revolution 2020 : love corruption ambition only in revolution twenty20, chetan bhagat explores the lives of three close friends from varanasi, set against the backdrop of india's corrupt political system gopal and raghav a good, clean story ended with a stupid and foolish climax read till 280 to give. After engineering school, gopal learned, “forty pe cent of students don't get placed this could be worse than the back cover of revolution 2020 stated this story is, “about childhood friends gopal, raghav and aarti who struggle to find success, love and happiness in varanasi however, it is not easy to. Maze of love, corruption and ambition chetan's latest novel revolution 2020 is a gripping and a fast-paced story of love, betrayal and corruption it is set in the sacred city of varanasi and it unveils the darker side of india's education system and the rampant corruption it involves the theme of love conflict is also mirrored in. Revolution 2020 is put across as the story of life and times of three friends, as narrated to chetan bhagat by gopal mishra, the 26-year-old director of “ sometimes your heart can lead you to a dead end” and so on, directly aimed to be picked up by readers, almost like strategically placed keywords in an.

Revolution 2020 by chetan bhagat revolution 2 0 2 0 3 5 kytu ha te a setting with her 3 5 chetam bhagat 1 dont know, 1 tee so s o revolution 2 0 2 gopol smiledlhis is not an interview, chetan-ji- either you sit downmd- usim to this stupid man% whole story or you leave, up to you. Revolution 2020 : the novel is the story of a love triangle, set in the time of engineering entrance exams in varanasi, india gopal, raghav and aarti are the central characters the boys have different aspirations – one wants to use his intelligence to make money while the other wants to use his intelligence.

Revolution 2020 has 47344 ratings and 1752 reviews veeral said: when you name your novel revolution 2020, one expects a kind of soul searching, revolu. But sadly it isn't and instead the story credits should go to sudhir mishra from whose movie “hazaron khwaishein aisi” the story of revolution 2020 has been directly lifted november 1 d book was good but it felt like many of those common lov stories united with corruption nd set n indian background.

Revolution 2020: typical chetan bhagat narrative on manipalblog | i know this has been out for a few months now, but i just got myself a copy all right, to be honest, i wasn't sure if i wanted to buy it after all the bad reviews / publicity that it got which is why the delay then when i saw it was. This book is not just another chetan bhagat novel it's different gopal, takes us through, his experience of setting up a college, when he himself never went to a college i must thanks @flipkart people for making sure that revolution 2020 was at my door step even before it was officially launched. There is a newer edition of this item: revolution 2020 cdn$ 507 (1) in stock in revolution twenty20, chetan bhagat explores the lives of three close friends from varanasi, set against the backdrop of india's corrupt political system gopal and raghav are the best of 2 states: the story of my marriage chetan bhagat. The much anticipated latest novel of chetan bhagat is in essence a love triangle set on the backdrop of the rapid emergence of privatisation in the education sector although, as the title suggests, it does articulate the need for a revolution but the story on the whole talks very little on the revolution itself.

Revolution 2020 story set in the

A tale of dreams, ambitions and unrequited love, revolution 2020: love ambition chetan also writes columns for leading english and hindi newspapers, focusing on youth and national development based issues many of the very good point in this story is almost curious through out the story who is hero and villain. Revolution 2020: love, corruption, ambition is a 2011 novel by chetan bhagat its story is concerned with a love triangle, corruption and a journey of self- discovery. Revolution 2020 is a story set in the holy city of varanasi the book is narrated by gopal the brunt of the story revolves around three close friends named gopal, raghav and aarti, who come from completely different backgrounds gopal is from a poor family and his father has an ongoing feud with his brother over property.

Structurally, revolution 2020 is like any other chetan bhagat book — it kicks-off with a prologue which sets up the author as a sort of an amanuensis for someone's story, the story follows, then there's an epilogue in which the author comes back in the tale and ties or concludes something in the story. In revolution twenty20, chetan bhagat explores the lives of three close friends from varanasi, set against the backdrop of india's corrupt political system gopal and raghav are the best of friends although they hail from completely different family backgrounds they share a common passion for success and realizing their. We know that chetan bhagat's fifth novel revolution 2020 is being made into a film by utv.

Revolution 2020 by chetan bhagat is a 2011 novel, a love triangle, laced with the elements of revenge, corruption and self-admiration revolution 2020 by chetan bhagat is a love triangle, set against the backdrop of rampant corrupt engineering coaching industry gopal, the narrator and protagonist is a. He was a revolution himself when he wrote five point someone, one night @ the call center, the 3 mistakes of my life and 2 states the revolution went haywire somehow midway with the revolution 2020 the story is set in one of the pious cities of india – varanasi or banaras it is a story about 3. Revolution 2020 is the story of three childhood friends: gopal, raghav, and aarthi the story is setup in the i usually hate giving a rating based on five stars it's really useless to without any literary pretensions, bhagat can tell a story set in urban india like only he can and win over readers only in this. Amazoncom: revolution 2020 (9788129118806): chetan bhagat: books don' t miss best-selling author kwame alexander's rebound, a new companion novel to his newbery award-winner, the crossover, illustrated with striking graphic novel panels learn more click to open set up an amazon giveaway.

revolution 2020 story set in the Revolution 2020: love, corruption, ambition is a 2011 novel by chetan bhagat its story is concerned with a love triangle, corruption and a journey of self- discovery r2020 has addressed the issue of how private coaching institutions exploit aspiring engineering students and how parents put their lifetime's earnings on.
Revolution 2020 story set in the
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